Tips if it should rain on your wedding day!

By | February 23, 2016


The last thing a bride wants to think about is…

what happens if it rains on her wedding day!

The last things a bride and or groom want to think about on their wedding day is… what if it rains!  A thought of inclement weather becomes an obsession constantly looking at the weather channel to see if the percentage has changed in a positive direction. Truth is the more you prepare for the weather as well as being flexible the more relaxed you will be when change occurs and we go into Plan B.  Rain on your Wedding Day is good luck because…Rain represents many things in different cultures – most of which include fertility,cleansing, unity, renewal and tears.  The only way we see Rain as Bad Luck is if you do not have a Plan B and you’re totally against your guests having a good time.  We thought it would be fun and informative to give some tips on rain and weddings.  Here are some ways to prepare for a rainy wedding day!

Purchase colorful rain boots and matching umbrellas

Rain boots are fun and  colorful.  By planning ahead you can select rain boots to coordinate with the colors of the wedding whether they are solid or a fun floral print.  Don’t be afraid to include your groomsmen because they don’t want to ruin their shoes either!!!  Purchasing these items prior to your wedding will definitely make you feel more relaxed and prepared.  Rain boots take away the worries of ruining your beautiful wedding shoes and allow you to continue with photography outdoors.  Enjoy your wedding in the rain having fun in your perfect boots while your photographer captures all those magical moments!

Perfect for the bride that wants White Rain Boots!

Perfect for the bride that wants all white and the added cute bow!

Nothing like our Groom and his Groomsmen in their Rain Boots

Have fun with bright colors and bows!!!

Flowers and rain boots are perfect!

Umbrellas for the bride, bridal party and your guests!!!  Clear Bubble Umbrellas can be purchased at your local Target.  Take the time to purchase these ahead of time for your bridal party and yourself.   Umbrellas for your guests can be ordered online such as Amazon.  As your guests arrive for the ceremony have them displayed in a pedestal flower pot, basket and or  tin bucket.  Umbrellas that read Mr. & Mrs. or Thank You  create  photo opportunities  while keeping you and your guests dry.  They also make for the perfect note cards to write your “Thank You” notes to your guests after the wedding. Rain, umbrellas, lighting and a little mixture of silliness and fun are perfect opportunities for breath taking photography.

Bride, Groom, Umbrellas and Rain

Mr. & Mrs. Umbrellas

You are engaged, set a date, booked a venue are are planning the details.  Hopefully, you have selected a wedding planner such as Inspired Events by Kelly.  We also have a Plan B for weather and are prepared with the details that your guests will remember as they stay dry.  Think about your guests needing an umbrella as they exit their car, walk to the ceremony then walk to the reception.  Have a beautiful pedestal pot filled with colorful or white umbrellas and a chalkboard sign “Rain or Shine” lets your guest know you were thinking of them.

We can control many things when planning a beautiful wedding but the one thing we cannot control is the weather.  What we can do with inclement weather is prepare for the day!!!  Rain boots, umbrellas, transportation and a smile on the bride and groom makes for a perfect memorable wedding day!

Have an Inspired Day!!!