The Bridal Dish Reception Line.

By | April 7, 2014

Inspired Events by Kelly had a fabulous time at The Bridal Dish Reception Line this past Sunday. We were so happy we could be hosted at The Hermitage. We were the first stop on the bus trip with the brides, grooms, and families.  This Event was such a fun and unique way to show brides and grooms how creative weddings can be. The Hermitage has a fantastic view for any client looking to have a memorable event.

Inspired Events by Kelly had a great time working with some of the best vendors in Virginia Beach. As I always say designing an event is only as creative and over the top as the vendors that become the incredible team.  Big thank you to Distinctive Event Rentals (Bill Cabell and his over the top team “Alison”), The Hermitage (Lil), Bloom the Art of Flowers (Patrice), River Design (Mary Lou), Sweetwater Cuisine (Jodi, Maria and awesome team), And I Love Violins (Beth), Astro DJ’s (Danny and Valinta), Gourmet Bake Shoppe (Melissa), Inspired Events by Kelly (Kelly), Michael Dragon Photography and The Bridal Dish (Jennifer). As a team we want to share with you our outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Hope you enjoy!

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