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Mr. & Mrs. McKain





APRIL 18, 2014

10170968_10202482062707490_369232147413986745_n Mr. & Mrs. McKain

Haidee and Mark are such a remarkable couple they really collporated with us on how exactly they wanted their special day to look like. Inspired Events had been working with the couple for over a year, and loved our meetings at Panera Bread. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy Panera Bread and talking wedding details? Haidee and Mark were such an awesome bride and groom to work with. Their easy going, soft tone, and have hearts of gold. Inspired Events instantly connected with such a great couple, and we couldn’t wait for this wedding to unfold.





Inspired Events couldn’t have asked for a better team of vendors that made Haidee and Marks special day unforgettable. Every little detail to this wedding was handled with such professionalism. Daevid collaborated with Inspired Events by Kelly to design a wedding that really touched all the details of Haidee and Mark’s taste.

Daevid created a lounge area for the guest, which had a vintage elegance approach. He created the lounge with his enormous vintage signs, old trunk, vintage chairs, candle light, and stunning flowers! Other decor that Daevid had brought was old rustic doors that were used to create four tables for the guest they were absolutely amazing! Daevid’s flower arrangements were different hues of corals, blues, and greens. The flower arrangements were truly a statement in the venue they made the room come alive to create a rustic elegant look.

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10176202_10202482065267554_1450972297400512851_nDavid Schwartz was the photographer that Haidee and Mark chose and I couldn’t have imagined a better fit for them. Though it was absolutely FREEZING being on the water the couples easy going and low-key attitude kept the day seamless and a breeze. Their willingness to stay out in the cold just a few minutes longer for pictures and their amazing bridal party and family made the day feel as if it was 90 degrees well… maybe a little. David captured unbelievable photographs of Haidee and Mark, and also captured close detail of the decor.

Stage Right Lighting did an incredible job with the white draping and of course they’re professional lighting to make the room really come together. Their lighting completely transformed the venue from ordinary to spectacular, and made everything look even more beautiful. Stage Right made the event space truly come alive and changed the whole feel of the event space.


Danny from Astro Entertainment kept the crowd moving to create some heat in the building. Though it was freezing and the heaters didn’t put as much heat out that we wanted the crowd had a blast dancing. Astro Entertainment also kept the crowd entertained through their photo booth. Inspired Events and some of the vendors couldn’t help but to have some fun in the photo booth too.20140418211915_P0


Carolina Cupcakery was selected by Haidee and Mark for their wonderful cupcakes! Carolina Cupcakery made the frosting match the colors of the wedding which were coral and teal they even had sparkles in them! The cupcakes were a HUGE hit with the wedding guest. There was several options that were displayed that Haidee and Mark chose that were their favorites from the tasting. I would have to say that Inspired Events LOVED the chocolate cheesecake cupcake which was Mark’s favorite.

Thanks to ALL the vendors that were part of the Inspired Events by Kelly team without all of you we would have not made this wedding incredible! Big thanks to Pirate’s Cove, Black Pelican Catering, David Schwartz Photography, Stage Right Lighting, Distinctive Event Rentals, Astro Entertainment, Carolina Cupcakery. Without an amazing team we would not be able to create the magic through Inspiration Boards that our couple  Haidee and Mark dream of having on their very special day! This wedding was unforgettable, and Inspired Events couldn’t be more thrilled that we were able to be apart of Haidee and Marks special day. Inspired Events wishes Haidee and Mark a lifetime of happiness.



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Hope you enjoyed!

Have an Inspired Day.

The Bridal Dish Reception Line.

Inspired Events by Kelly had a fabulous time at The Bridal Dish Reception Line this past Sunday. We were so happy we could be hosted at The Hermitage. We were the first stop on the bus trip with the brides, grooms, and families.  This Event was such a fun and unique way to show brides and grooms how creative weddings can be. The Hermitage has a fantastic view for any client looking to have a memorable event.

Inspired Events by Kelly had a great time working with some of the best vendors in Virginia Beach. As I always say designing an event is only as creative and over the top as the vendors that become the incredible team.  Big thank you to Distinctive Event Rentals (Bill Cabell and his over the top team “Alison”), The Hermitage (Lil), Bloom the Art of Flowers (Patrice), River Design (Mary Lou), Sweetwater Cuisine (Jodi, Maria and awesome team), And I Love Violins (Beth), Astro DJ’s (Danny and Valinta), Gourmet Bake Shoppe (Melissa), Inspired Events by Kelly (Kelly), Michael Dragon Photography and The Bridal Dish (Jennifer). As a team we want to share with you our outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Hope you enjoy!

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