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Two Rivers Country Club Boutique Bridal Show


Inspired Events by Kelly partnered with Two Rivers Country Club to create a Boutique Bridal Show that would showcase the Williamsburg and surrounding areas Wedding Industry Vendors for couples, their families and friends.  Our goal was to provide those that attended a one-stop shop to get to know the various vendors and services that are involved in the wedding itself.  We had so much fun meeting the wonderful couples that attended the show!!!  We were able to listen to their stories of how they met or how they got engaged but more important what they wanted for their wedding day!

Why and what do you find at a bridal show?  Wedding Dresses, cakes, photographers, videographers, wedding planners, DJ’s, florist, wedding invitations and more.  Two Rivers Country Club wanted their couples to have the opportunity to meet the vendors as well as other couples to see their venue for their weddings.

As owner of Inspired Events by Kelly and The Bridal Dish Williamsburg we were thrilled to spend our Sunday at Two Rivers Country Club talking to so many wonderful couples, moms, dads, family and friends.  Inspired Events by Kelly also designed three of the tables that were spotlighted for our guests.  One was a “house venue” table that represented what was in the typical package at Two Rivers Country Club then we showcased a Nautical Table as well as Purple & Gold.  Beautiful floral designs for each were provided by Williamsburg Floral & Gifts.  Inspired Events by Kelly worked with area suppliers such as Big Top Entertainment and Williamsburg Event Rentals to create the designs of the tables.

It is not a bridal show without beautiful wedding dresses and they were provided by Studio I Do All the Rage.  Thank you Kelly J. Mihalcoe Photographer for shooting the following photos of our table designs, Inspired Events by Kelly Booth, The Bridal Dish Williamsburg Booth and of me!  Thank you Grant & Deb Photography of the photo of me with the river in the background!

Two Rivers Bridal Show

Two Rivers Bridal Show

2016-02-21 12.17.03

Two Rivers Bridal Show

2016-02-21 12.17.21

Two Rivers Bridal Show

Two Rivers Bridal Show

2016-02-21 12.18.06

Two Rivers Bridal Show

2016-02-21 12.18.11

2016-02-21 12.16.22

Two Rivers Bridal Show

Two Rivers Bridal Show

2016-02-21 12.17.50

kelly at Two Rivers

2016-02-21 12.18.31

Two Rivers Bridal Show

Inspired Events by Kelly helps our couples and their families get through the most important and often most stressful time of their life, allowing them sanity and allowing them to enjoy their wedding day!  We offer guidance to make the process easier and to lessen the amount of time you spend on tasks such as finding the perfect vendor, timelines, schedules and searching the internet for invitations or favors.  So call us today to set up your consultation and see how we can create a stressless planning process for your wedding.

Have an Inspired Day!

Tips if it should rain on your wedding day!


The last thing a bride wants to think about is…

what happens if it rains on her wedding day!

The last things a bride and or groom want to think about on their wedding day is… what if it rains!  A thought of inclement weather becomes an obsession constantly looking at the weather channel to see if the percentage has changed in a positive direction. Truth is the more you prepare for the weather as well as being flexible the more relaxed you will be when change occurs and we go into Plan B.  Rain on your Wedding Day is good luck because…Rain represents many things in different cultures – most of which include fertility,cleansing, unity, renewal and tears.  The only way we see Rain as Bad Luck is if you do not have a Plan B and you’re totally against your guests having a good time.  We thought it would be fun and informative to give some tips on rain and weddings.  Here are some ways to prepare for a rainy wedding day!

Purchase colorful rain boots and matching umbrellas

Rain boots are fun and  colorful.  By planning ahead you can select rain boots to coordinate with the colors of the wedding whether they are solid or a fun floral print.  Don’t be afraid to include your groomsmen because they don’t want to ruin their shoes either!!!  Purchasing these items prior to your wedding will definitely make you feel more relaxed and prepared.  Rain boots take away the worries of ruining your beautiful wedding shoes and allow you to continue with photography outdoors.  Enjoy your wedding in the rain having fun in your perfect boots while your photographer captures all those magical moments!

Perfect for the bride that wants White Rain Boots!

Perfect for the bride that wants all white and the added cute bow!

Nothing like our Groom and his Groomsmen in their Rain Boots

Have fun with bright colors and bows!!!

Flowers and rain boots are perfect!

Umbrellas for the bride, bridal party and your guests!!!  Clear Bubble Umbrellas can be purchased at your local Target.  Take the time to purchase these ahead of time for your bridal party and yourself.   Umbrellas for your guests can be ordered online such as Amazon.  As your guests arrive for the ceremony have them displayed in a pedestal flower pot, basket and or  tin bucket.  Umbrellas that read Mr. & Mrs. or Thank You  create  photo opportunities  while keeping you and your guests dry.  They also make for the perfect note cards to write your “Thank You” notes to your guests after the wedding. Rain, umbrellas, lighting and a little mixture of silliness and fun are perfect opportunities for breath taking photography.

Bride, Groom, Umbrellas and Rain

Mr. & Mrs. Umbrellas

You are engaged, set a date, booked a venue are are planning the details.  Hopefully, you have selected a wedding planner such as Inspired Events by Kelly.  We also have a Plan B for weather and are prepared with the details that your guests will remember as they stay dry.  Think about your guests needing an umbrella as they exit their car, walk to the ceremony then walk to the reception.  Have a beautiful pedestal pot filled with colorful or white umbrellas and a chalkboard sign “Rain or Shine” lets your guest know you were thinking of them.

We can control many things when planning a beautiful wedding but the one thing we cannot control is the weather.  What we can do with inclement weather is prepare for the day!!!  Rain boots, umbrellas, transportation and a smile on the bride and groom makes for a perfect memorable wedding day!

Have an Inspired Day!!!




Mr. & Mrs. McKain





APRIL 18, 2014

10170968_10202482062707490_369232147413986745_n Mr. & Mrs. McKain

Haidee and Mark are such a remarkable couple they really collporated with us on how exactly they wanted their special day to look like. Inspired Events had been working with the couple for over a year, and loved our meetings at Panera Bread. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy Panera Bread and talking wedding details? Haidee and Mark were such an awesome bride and groom to work with. Their easy going, soft tone, and have hearts of gold. Inspired Events instantly connected with such a great couple, and we couldn’t wait for this wedding to unfold.





Inspired Events couldn’t have asked for a better team of vendors that made Haidee and Marks special day unforgettable. Every little detail to this wedding was handled with such professionalism. Daevid collaborated with Inspired Events by Kelly to design a wedding that really touched all the details of Haidee and Mark’s taste.

Daevid created a lounge area for the guest, which had a vintage elegance approach. He created the lounge with his enormous vintage signs, old trunk, vintage chairs, candle light, and stunning flowers! Other decor that Daevid had brought was old rustic doors that were used to create four tables for the guest they were absolutely amazing! Daevid’s flower arrangements were different hues of corals, blues, and greens. The flower arrangements were truly a statement in the venue they made the room come alive to create a rustic elegant look.

1798177_10202482066827593_7761672051091544957_n  10150616_10202482066187577_1022681726682174606_n  10169279_10202482067027598_2604004409592347600_n  10177951_10202482060027423_6648585064348844206_n10267766_10202482060347431_8801490371705294960_n  10177951_10202482060027423_6648585064348844206_n

10155578_10202482061507460_9066477346343868443_n  10173587_10202482065067549_3162046741289096434_n

10176202_10202482065267554_1450972297400512851_nDavid Schwartz was the photographer that Haidee and Mark chose and I couldn’t have imagined a better fit for them. Though it was absolutely FREEZING being on the water the couples easy going and low-key attitude kept the day seamless and a breeze. Their willingness to stay out in the cold just a few minutes longer for pictures and their amazing bridal party and family made the day feel as if it was 90 degrees well… maybe a little. David captured unbelievable photographs of Haidee and Mark, and also captured close detail of the decor.

Stage Right Lighting did an incredible job with the white draping and of course they’re professional lighting to make the room really come together. Their lighting completely transformed the venue from ordinary to spectacular, and made everything look even more beautiful. Stage Right made the event space truly come alive and changed the whole feel of the event space.


Danny from Astro Entertainment kept the crowd moving to create some heat in the building. Though it was freezing and the heaters didn’t put as much heat out that we wanted the crowd had a blast dancing. Astro Entertainment also kept the crowd entertained through their photo booth. Inspired Events and some of the vendors couldn’t help but to have some fun in the photo booth too.20140418211915_P0


Carolina Cupcakery was selected by Haidee and Mark for their wonderful cupcakes! Carolina Cupcakery made the frosting match the colors of the wedding which were coral and teal they even had sparkles in them! The cupcakes were a HUGE hit with the wedding guest. There was several options that were displayed that Haidee and Mark chose that were their favorites from the tasting. I would have to say that Inspired Events LOVED the chocolate cheesecake cupcake which was Mark’s favorite.

Thanks to ALL the vendors that were part of the Inspired Events by Kelly team without all of you we would have not made this wedding incredible! Big thanks to Pirate’s Cove, Black Pelican Catering, David Schwartz Photography, Stage Right Lighting, Distinctive Event Rentals, Astro Entertainment, Carolina Cupcakery. Without an amazing team we would not be able to create the magic through Inspiration Boards that our couple  Haidee and Mark dream of having on their very special day! This wedding was unforgettable, and Inspired Events couldn’t be more thrilled that we were able to be apart of Haidee and Marks special day. Inspired Events wishes Haidee and Mark a lifetime of happiness.



10177512_10202482057747366_3274074111716071128_n 10154211_10202482057827368_3708985211674336065_n10255664_10202482056067324_8676440179028141980_n10258235_10202482056387332_2164523897184827704_n10277673_10202482055627313_3456147410455157197_n10269641_10202482059227403_7024976771536368588_n

10175043_10202482056907345_6701075664219115356_n10300028_10202482062627488_5798475965412979317_n10154130_10202482057787367_1765282362936823137_n1926766_10202482064267529_8965381725761867630_n1384249_10202482064467534_6929099751531940075_n10154010_10202482058547386_2230837043417203135_n10155827_10202482059427408_8072398252405150028_n10168017_10202482067507610_7229720393843661195_n10252090_10202482060867444_724937187386216582_n 10259976_10202482064587537_1045557742108839441_n10295793_10202482059467409_7141665838069429941_n10177987_10202482055827318_8648063021125671761_n 10288805_10202482058707390_3345000451721266622_n10257259_10202482067147601_8417266308311255349_n10258576_10202482067947621_5321964984938633668_n10271501_10202482065347556_4266386203472847265_n


Hope you enjoyed!

Have an Inspired Day.

The Bridal Dish Reception Line.

Inspired Events by Kelly had a fabulous time at The Bridal Dish Reception Line this past Sunday. We were so happy we could be hosted at The Hermitage. We were the first stop on the bus trip with the brides, grooms, and families.  This Event was such a fun and unique way to show brides and grooms how creative weddings can be. The Hermitage has a fantastic view for any client looking to have a memorable event.

Inspired Events by Kelly had a great time working with some of the best vendors in Virginia Beach. As I always say designing an event is only as creative and over the top as the vendors that become the incredible team.  Big thank you to Distinctive Event Rentals (Bill Cabell and his over the top team “Alison”), The Hermitage (Lil), Bloom the Art of Flowers (Patrice), River Design (Mary Lou), Sweetwater Cuisine (Jodi, Maria and awesome team), And I Love Violins (Beth), Astro DJ’s (Danny and Valinta), Gourmet Bake Shoppe (Melissa), Inspired Events by Kelly (Kelly), Michael Dragon Photography and The Bridal Dish (Jennifer). As a team we want to share with you our outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Hope you enjoy!

DSC_4989 DSC_4988 DSC_4987 DSC_4986 DSC_4985 DSC_4984 DSC_4983 DSC_4982 DSC_4977 DSC_4976 DSC_4975 DSC_4970 DSC_4971 DSC_4972 DSC_4973 DSC_4974 DSC_4969 DSC_4968 DSC_4967 DSC_4966 DSC_4965 DSC_4960 DSC_4961 DSC_4962 DSC_4963 DSC_4964 DSC_4959 DSC_4958 DSC_4957 DSC_4956 DSC_4955 DSC_4954 DSC_4953 DSC_4952 DSC_4951 DSC_4950 DSC_4945 DSC_4946 DSC_4947 DSC_4948 DSC_4949 DSC_4944 DSC_4943 DSC_4942 DSC_4941 DSC_4940 DSC_4935 DSC_4936 DSC_4937 DSC_4938 DSC_4939 DSC_4934 DSC_4933 DSC_4932 DSC_4931 DSC_4930 DSC_4925 DSC_4926 DSC_4927 DSC_4928 DSC_4929 DSC_4924 DSC_4923 DSC_4922 DSC_4921 DSC_4920 DSC_4915 DSC_4916 DSC_4917 DSC_4918 DSC_4919 DSC_4914 DSC_4913 DSC_4912 DSC_4911 DSC_4910 DSC_4908 DSC_4909

Inspired Events has been on a roll!

Inspired Events by Kelly has been on a roll!


From meeting to meeting Inspired Events has been busy! We love that everyday brings something new, and we are able to connect with some pretty incredible vendors and clients. So far this year we have 11 weddings! and the Fall Festival for Cannon for 4,000 people. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have a full year ahead of us exciting exciting exciting!!

Inspired Events just wrapped up the Taste of Hampton Roads check it out! 



Our recent event that we did was The Taste of Hampton Roads it was their 25th Anniversary. Where to even begin… let’s just say the “BEAST” (Inspired Events by Kelly van) went 30mph down the highway to get to Va Beach Convention Center due to snow and ice. Once we arrived safety we joined the other vendors that helped make this incredible event happen! Debbie Mergi at the Food Bank, Jane White at the Convention Center, Apryl Roberts, Stage Right Lighting, River Designs, Bloom of Flowers, The Bridal Dish, Astro team, Ice Art, Distinctive Event Rentals, and Whitlock. I think this was the best Taste Event thus far! it was a little nerve racking with the weather if people were going to show, but there was a great turn out for such a great cause. The FoodBank was able to provided over 650,000 meals into our community. Inspired Events by Kelly is proud that we were apart of this special event that helps provide meals for so many.


10001328_628623853874231_1414945495_n1620977_10203150596473907_1232989917_n 1622271_10203150540752514_981747079_n10003041_628104367236795_592791524_n1920284_628582777211672_110768378_n1654437_633915303311838_1284379934_n1513816_10203149092276303_1912635366_n 1780793_10203150566713163_1570383580_n1898195_10203150540792515_1418986271_n1900002_10203150586993670_1479588799_n 1912246_10203150641795040_2098712515_n

The Bridal Dish Williamsburg! 


The Bridal Dish Williamsburg has been busy as well! We’ve had the opportunity to meet with some pretty amazing vendors here in Williamsburg the past few weeks. It’s been nice to meet new vendors and get a better feel for what their business is all about. We look forward to meeting with more vendors in Williamsburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville. We just got our first preferred vendors who have signed up! they are CakeAlicious, Incredible Edibles, Titawhirl Imagery, Dream Clips Films, James River Audio Visual, Colonial Dj’s, Inspired Bride, and Williamsburg Floral.

The Bridal Dish Williamsburg Website is ALMOST finished with a few more finishing touchings, and should be launched out by next week!

If you have any questions  about The Bridal Dish Williamsburg or interested please contact us!


Justin and Louise Beale Wedding

Justin and Louise


Beale Wedding

Justin and Louise were such a fun couple to work with! their wedding was October 19, 2013 hosted at the Princess Ann Country Club. They chose to have fuchsia, black, and silver as their colors. Which you could imagine was a incredible to work with! Inspired Events had a blast putting together their decor for their special day.

Inspired Events worked with some incredible vendors to make the night magical for Justin and Louise. Thanks to Jeff Bristow with Colonial Dj’s, Stage Right Lighting, Eleise Theur Photography, Ten Spot, Lori Ciccone at the Princess Ann Country Club, Holly Hoffler HollyDays! Floral Design, Distinctive Event Rentals, and Incredible Edibles.

                                   1655409_10100748348545623_1207243485_o 1557267_10100748347946823_1795072762_o



1782264_10100748346454813_1921394817_o                1911100_10100748346260203_1127911006_o              1557280_10100748348375963_449710040_o





1382055_579539165416119_372724608_n      1378861_579539045416131_395538654_n

1374099_579538182082884_762086947_n 1385362_579539375416098_1489070716_n










Inspired Events Wishes Justin and Louise a lifetime of happiness!

Thanks for Stopping by Inspired Events by Kelly Blog


Alan and Kaisha’s Wedding Nov. 2013


November 16, 2013 (Fair Winds Farm)

Knotts Island, Virginia Beach

Inspired Events had an amazing time working with Kaisha and Alan, and their families on their beautiful wedding at Fair Winds Farm at Knotts Island. The bride and groom wanted to spend their special day on a working horse farm. They wanted a rustic country wedding, and they honestly couldn’t have picked a more spectacular place. Creative Catering did an incredible job creating displays in the stalls which all had different appetizers during the cock tail hour. Distinctive Rentals put up a wonderful tent which was located next to the barn for the reception. In the tent was all white, corals, and blush pinks. The reception area was everything Kaisha dreamed it would be… there was even hay on the ground! Inspired Events had a great time putting together this wedding, and working with some incredible vendors. Thanks to Betty Bryant Photography for sharing your work with us you are so talented!

Chris Rush (Fair Winds Farm)

Distinctive Event Rentals

Greenbrier Florist

Creative Catering

Betty Bryant Photography








Opening Night!

Inspired Events by Kelly is so proud to announce that we will be hosting the

OPENING NIGHT of  The Bridal Dish Williamsburg!

Thursday February 13th! at Legacy Hall located in New Town Williamsburg, Virginia. We couldn’t be more excited to share such a fun night with some incredible vendors. We also will have some EXCITING NEWS! to announce the night of the opening.

Opening Night! (bd)back of the opening night



The Bridal Dish is a complimentary wedding planning located in Williamsburg, Virginia. We will also be serving Richmond, Virginia as well as Charlottesville, Virginia. The Bridal Dish is geared toward the bride planning her own wedding. The Bridal Dish provides event planning and design consultation. We offer our clients a professionally trained “go to” vendor selection to answer questions or give direction during the planning experience. The Bridal Dish can eliminate endless hours of researching and surfing the internet by utilizing a portfolio of recommend preferred vendors.

The Bridal Dish can assist you with…
-Connection to the areas best vendors
-Questions regarding the flow of ceremony/wedding reception timeline
-Assistance in the development event concepts as it relates to theme, logistic, color scheme, decor, invitation wording, and more.
-Assistance with bridal registry
-Assistance with selecting gifts for the wedding party
-Etiquette questions


Inspired Events has been busy busy busy!

Inspired Events

     has been busy busy busy!

Starting off the new year we had a HUGE celebration with David and Robert at the Ocean Front Hilton. The vintage Vegas theme definitely was a WOW  to all the guest, and really brought the night to life. From the Vegas show girls wearing bright color feathers, to the men models dressed up like Caesar, and can’t forget the most important part the gambling tables. The vibe of the night really felt like the city that never sleeps. It was an incredible event! thanks to all the vendors who came together to help this magical event come into place.

00312   Photography by Don Monteaux, Virginia Beach00410   Photography by Don Monteaux, Virginia Beach

After our celebration at the Hilton Inspired Events wrapped up all Christmas decorations from the dealerships and the Hilton. We cleaned up everything so fast, and so productively due to our incredible team!

The day after Christmas clean up Inspired Events jumped on a plane to head to COLD Nashville for the Special Event Conference! (TSE). We gained so much from the education at the conference, and networking that is so valuable to each of us. The trade show floor was remarkable! they showed where all the new trends and colors were on display. We really enjoyed our time staying at the Gaylord which is such an incredible hotel! during our breaks and some nights we even got to explore downtown Nashville which is such an amazing place to see the history behind country music.

882994_10202773437725174_1569315218_o 1522988_10202757588408951_1822461043_o1534917_10202781730772495_2121864398_o 1597845_10202766313427071_1134445734_o 1537852_10202781678691193_1056082928_o

After arriving back from Nashville on the 11th Inspired Events got ready for the Uniquely Yours Bridal Show at the Norfolk Scope! We had a great time designing this unique modern look to a beach theme wedding.

1602022_10202789011434507_1827098791_o 1511458_10202789012474533_1953793398_o 1524161_10202789011354505_1545890545_o

Inspired Events is so excited about 2014! as we look forward to working with some amazing brides, clients, and vendors. We are also excited to announce some EXCITING NEWS!….

Inspired Events by Kelly is proud to announce The Bridal Dish Williamsburg!!!!

We are looking forward to each of you joining The Bridal Dish Williamsburg!!!!  If you are interested in looking to expand your business in Williamsburg, Richmond and Charlottesville…then give us a call and or e-mail to learn more about how The Bridal Dish Williamsburg can expand your business. We look forward to working with some great vendors that join The Bridal Dish Williamsburg!





It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Inspired Events has been little elf’s for a while now, but still keeping the Christmas spirit! We finished all our Christmas decorations for the dealerships, Hilton Ocean Front, and finished up Friday Gold Key’s PHR corporate office.




Next up is the Cannon Christmas party! Hosted at the Marriott City Center on Friday December 20th. Inspired Events is really excited to bring alive their fire and ice theme. The night should magically fall into place with the help of Stage Right Lighting, James River Audio Visual, Williamsburg Floral, Classy Covers, Ice Art, Colonial DJ’S, More Entertainment, Cloth Connection, Astro Entertainment, and AFR. We are beyond excited to work with such incredible vendors!

Stay tune Inspired Events will be ending 2013 at the Hilton Ocean Front for an incredible event. We wish you a happy and safe holiday!